Investing in Real Estate

Today, people are faced with a sea of choices when deciding where to invest their hard earned dollars. Stocks, bonds, certificates of deposit, life insurance policies, and annuities are among the many options. So, with a myriad of other choices: “Why invest in commercial real estate?”

While there are a number of good financial reasons to include commercial real estate in your investment portfolio, generally speaking, those who invest in commercial real estate share a common mindset. They like owning something tangible with their investment dollars. They understand that not only does real estate have its own intrinsic value, but, when well-managed and maintained, it can produce steady and reliable income.


  • Steady Value: real estate’s intrinsic value is not usually subject to the frequent trading and volatility sometimes affecting stocks and bonds
  • Reliable Income: current and regular lease income can be used to pay dividends
  • Capital Appreciation: real estate can appreciate in value over time

  • Protection Against Inflation: well managed rents and expenses can shelter some aspects of asset income from long-term inflationary trends
  • Tax Benefits: depreciation, step-ups in basis, and opportunities for deferral through IRS (1031 / 721) transactions may provide investors certain tax benefits

How can I find out more about Real Estate Investment Trusts?

You can find out additional information by visiting, the public website of the National Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts, the trade organization for both public and private investment trusts.